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a SPERLINGA e dintorni:
(borghi più belli d'Italia)


Salvatore Lo Sauro

Salvatore Lo Sauro

Guida Turistica
Guida escursionistica
A.I.G.A.E. autorizzata
per tutta la Sicilia.

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Sperlinga (Enna) - Sicily - Italy

Castello di Sperlinga
Presentazione del sito e delle attivitÀ


Closed for landslide

sSperlinga castle is a strange mix to  prehistorically excavations on the rock and  medieval architectonic buildings. It is excavated in an impressive  sandstone rock  and it was utilized by Sicilian prehistorical population like a sacred area or necropolis, it was modified during byzantine domination and Sarasin domination in a military point of observation, finally during Normand domination it was changed in a castle.

A guided  visit offers the possibility to discover the different kind of excavations in Sperlinga castle: like rooms, windows,  channels and tanks to collect water  rain, bell silos have been excavated  for the storage and processing of cereals, stables.

The building  zone is very important because you can observe the drawbridge, the  moat, the chapel, the tower with Ghibelline battlements.

See Sperlinga castle structure

1 – Drawbridge and  entrance  of  Sperlinga castle where is engraved the famous sentence : Quod Siculis Placuit Sola  Sperlinga   Negavit.    

A – East side  

2 – Prince's room is a  large salon with mullioned window with two lights.  

3 – Stable and working place: you can see a forge and its conical chimney engraved  on the rock (4) and  the “postern” or back entrance  to go out secretly during siege.      

5 - Reservoir, a set of wells and canals to collect rain.

B - West side – residential part

6 – Church of Saint Luc  Evangelist after consecrated to Saint Domenico Soriano.

7 -  A line of  silos to store  corn,  by a stair  on wood you can visit this side, among them there is the mysterious silo with 12 twelve niches perhaps  it was a sundial or a sacred area;

8 – Residence : composed by rooms to the possessor's family. A stair link to the second level now used like balcony (9) . 

10 –Marvellous  stair : a flight of 80 eighty steps engraved on the rock  bring to military zone composed  by a tower (11) and an esplanade where there were   crossbows and catapults; however you can observe a strange trap for enemies   and different reservoirs.

Sperlinga come from the ancient Greek that means grotto.

The inhabitants speak a strange dialect called Galloitalico  gave in this part of Sicily  by immigrants came from North Italy and South of France during Normand domination  from 1061  to 1137

Sperlinga castle is very important to History of Sicily because during Sicilian Vespers the inhabitants protect French soldiers, they offered food during the long siege. The Sicilian Vespers is the name given to a rebellion in  Sicily in 1282 against the rule of the French/Angevin king Charles I, who in 1266 and with Papal complicity, had taken control of the entire Kingdom of Sicily.

The castle, now  is the destination of thousands of Italians and foreign  tourists,   a trip  on the village and a guided  visit  afford to discover  a Sicily rich in amazements, testimony of a past grow up to different dominations.

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Info Castello

Closed for landslide

Open  all days and  also on public  holidays and religious feasts. 

From  9,30 to  13,30  and  from  14,30 to  18,30 


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